Melanie Riley
6th Grade Math
Welcome back to School

Hello my Rocking Gators,

During this time we are away from one another, I will be posting weekly review assignments for you to complete. Be sure to check the assignment and class notes tab for your weekly assignments. Check back weekly for more assignments.

I miss our time together and hope we are back together soon.

With Gator Love,

~Mrs. Riley

Melanie Riley
About the Teacher

Hello and welcome to my heart and soul!!  I have been teaching for 21 years. My degree is in Elementary Education K-6.

6th Grade Bell Schedule

8:10-8:52 1st Period

8:56-9:40 2nd Period

9:40-9:50 Break in 2nd period classroom

9:54-10:36 3rd Period

10:40-11:56 4th Period and Lunch

      10:45-11:10 1st 6th grade lunch (Wingo, Dickey, Riley, McClain, Brown, Card)

      11:20-11:45 2nd 6th grade lunch (Crosswhite, Blanton, Jaynes, McCown,   Barnes, Willis, Busby)

12:00-12:25 Gator Goal Time

12:30-1:19 5th Period

1:23-2:05 6th Period

2:09-2:52 7th Period

2:56-3:40 8th period

Gator Goal Time will be with your 4th period teacher.


Math Websites

School Supply List



  • Backpack
  • Loose-leaf paper

    o   Pencil bag (Inside of bag the following)

    o   Pencils x2

    o   Pen x2

    o   Highlighters (any color)

    o   Colored Pencils

    o   Pencil sharpener (hand held/no batteries or electric)

    o   Scissors

    o   Glue sticks (x2)

    • Suggested

      o   Refillable water bottle

      o   Mask

      o   Earbuds for computer/devices (these will not be used every day)

      6th grade math needs

      (1)   2-inch binder

       Dividers (5-tab at least)

       Loose-leaf paper (2 packs)

      2 boxes of Kleenex

      v  4 function (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) calculator

      v  This is optional for sharing purposes, we have calculators in class that will be shared and wiped down in between classes.  CALCULATORS ARE NOT A MUST!!