Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

7:50-8:15         Gator Goal Time

8:18-9:06         1st Period

9:09-10:07       2nd Period

9:06-9:16        E Hall and Gym Break

9:30-9:40        D Hall Break

9:57-10:07       A Hall and B Hall Break

10:10-10:58      3rd Period

11:01-11:49      4th Period (7th/8th and 6th PE/Choir)

11:01-11:26      6th Grade Lunch (except 6th PE/Choir)

11:26-12:14      4th Period 6th Grade (Except PE/Choir)

11:49-12:14      Lunch A Hall and 6th PE/Choir

12:15-12:39     Smaller 8th Grade Lunch

12:40-1:05      Lunch E Hall and Gym

11:52-1:05        5th Period (7th and 8th)

12:17-1:05        5th Period (6th Grade)

1:08-1:56        6th period

1:59-2:47       7th Period

2:50-3:40       8th Period