Bell Schedule
On 70% Day Fridays, school will be dismissed at 1:25 pm.
6th Grade Bell Schedule

8:10-8:52          1st Period

8:56-9:40         2nd Period

9:40-9:50         Break in 2nd period classroom

9:54-10:36        3rd Period

10:40-11:56       4th Period and Lunch

10:45-11:10        1st 6th grade lunch (Wingo, Dickey, Riley, McClain, Brown, Card)

11:20-11:45        2nd 6th grade lunch (Crosswhite, Blanton, Jaynes, McCown, Barnes, Willis, Busby)

11:40-12:00       RAMP/ALC Lunch

12:00-12:25       Gator Goal Time

12:30-1:19         5th Period

1:23-2:05           6th Period

2:09-2:52          7th Period

2:56-3:40          8th period

Gator Goal Time will be with your 4th period teacher. 4th Period teachers will walk students to PE and Band.

7th & 8th Grade Bell Schedule

8:10-8:52         1st Period

8:56-9:40        2nd Period

9:40-9:50        Break in 2nd period class

9:54-10:36       3rd Period

10:40-11:24      4th Period

11:28-11:54      Gator Goal Time With 5th Period Teacher

11:54-1:19        5th Period and Lunch

11:54-12:19      1st Lunch (Beasley, Pounders, Naylor, Lynch, Malone, White, Bradley)

12:24-12:49     2nd Lunch (Fuller, Strawn, Busby, Stuckey, Carden, Kuntz, Holder)

12:54-1:19       3rd Lunch (Cullen, Shelton, Townsend, Joyner, Sartain, Christ, Butler)

1:23-2:05        6th period

2:09-2:52       7th Period

2:56-3:40       8th Period

Gator Goal Time will be with 5th period teacher.