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July 29, 2020

  • ALL 6th grade Science students will need two notebooks for Science class this year. One will be used from August until December and the other from January to May. If students would like for me to keep their second notebook in my classroom so that it does not get lost, I will put their name on it in sharpie and keep it in a crate for next semester.
  • 6th grade Science students need to bring their notebook and a pencil to class EVERY day. If students would like to use their own colored pencils please bring them, but they MUST bring their notebook every day to be able to keep up with my work, study for tests, and participate in labs. Absent students will be able to turn in work online or when they return to school.
  • If students are absent, their name will be on my Absent Work board when they return to remind them that they need to do their make up work.
  • Have a great summer! See you in August!
  • Student Email Addresses and Log In Information Students' usernames are constructed using the following formula:
  • First name, first initial + Last name, first initial + last 6 digits of their lunch number.
  • Example: If Amy King's lunch number is 1234567, her computer/wifi username is ak234567, and her email address is
  • You should be able to log in to Clever with just your lunch number for your username and password. You can also try using your initials+lunch number for username and just the number for your password.


  • will be our Learning Management System (LMS) this year
  • - Online textbook from McGraw Hill and other online lessons, students should log in with their lunch number for both username and password
  •  NASA Picture of the Day

Club days will not be scheduled this year but everything you need to learn to knit or crochet is at Walmart and all the videos to learn are on Youtube. It just takes PATIENCE and PRACTICE! DON'T GIVE UP! Start with the links below to "cast on." Happy Knitting!

Knitting Club Links 

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