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Copy and paste the link below if you want to use the 100% online option.  If you fill out every thing here by midnight Wednesday, Aug 26th your child's instrument, book, cleaning kit and music stand (to be used at home) will be here Monday for band class.  If you use this link after the above mentioned deadline we will still get the equipment delivered but it won't be here on the first day of playing in band. 

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Jon Young
Advanced Band
Amy Olguin 8Ailyn Ortega 8Andrew Voight 8Grady Sartain 8Joana Gunter 8Anna Stanford 8 
Randy Sap 8Osiris Arroyo 7Amaya Rhea 8Yandel Garcia 8Bethany German 8Brooke Hill 7 
Zion Moore 8 Eva Juarez 8 Khaleiya Figgirrad 8Brayden Box 8
William Brody Carter 7
Gracie Rigsby 8 Teara McElfresh 8Evan Jeter 8Kaylee Hopper 8Lenore Bess 7 
Rosa M Gutirrez 8 Morgan Barnett 8Seth Strickland 8Aiden Green 8  
Juana Martinez 7 Kadie Clower 8Regina Mata 8Lia Cushman 7  
Cheyenne Bledsoe 7 Nayeli Landeverde 8Isabella Conaway 8Kion Dandridge 7  
Hannah Fugette Rhealan Agner 8Landen Bruce 8Glenda Davis 7  
Mallory Moss Tayler Caston 7David Viggiano 8Hollie Glover 7  
  Mishell Guillen 7Josue Tellez 7Ava Lawler 7  
  Megan Jenkins 7Rebecca Rohrbacher 7
  Makyra Nash 7 Jayda Smith 8  
  Brooke O'Conner 7    
Aurora Van Brunt 8Kelly CallihanParker Britton 8Krystin Burks 7Eli Potts 8  
Mia Ray 8 Makenzie Morris 7William Donlon 8Divinity Phillips 8  
Ashley Napolez 8 Carmen Ballard 8John Hearn 8Ginger Sullivan 8  
Sabri Johnson 8 Nathaniel Tripett 7 Aaron Yarborough 8  
Tyler Wisenhunt 8   Deven Davis 8  
Kayla Jeans 8   Dylan Gunnels 7  
Carter Bryson 7   TaMariye Davis 7  
Anya Chatman 7   Summer Meredith 7  
Mason Holder 7      
Emily Huerta 7      
Marc Ortiz 7      
Madison Porter 7      
Johnathan Richardson 7      
Christian Taylor 7      


Intermediate Band
FluteClarinetAlto SaxTrumpetTrombone French HornIntermediate
Morgan Franklin 8Jazmyn Guzman 8 Deviyuana Harris 8Kennedy Young 8


Amara Williams 8Jaden Hill 8Neveah Bishop 8Neely Williams 8  
Lexie Waisnor 8Tamya Stephenson 8Lane Capers 7
Neveah Glasper 7  

Lazion Riley 8Yandel Castillo 7Kendyl Davis 7Victoria Noble 7  

Emma Beecroft 7Gabriel Cruz 7Tyler Franklin 7Jeremy Roberts 7  

Chaliyah Davis 7Jacob Danley 7 Amir Smith 7  
Allison Diaz 7Kylah Dunn 7Nola Harrivel 7 Jaylen Walker 7  

Kaylin Huckkaby 7Joshua King 7 Thomas Smith 7  

Jada Jones 7
 Syenia Jones 7Samantha Wilson 7    
 Iris Jordan 7     
 Caitlyn Powell 7     
 Rowan Roby 7     
 Tristan Wedge 7     
 Madalyn Dressler 7     
Mathew EnglekeAnna ViggianoMarcos Ramirez 8Tristan Pyron 8   
Madilynn KnightOnna WalkerCorbin Card 7Tamara Brannon 8   
Addison Porter Anotonio Hardin 7Logan Farner 7   
Carter Tettelton Jacob McCleod 7AnQuan Moore 7   
Taylor Carter Damain Beteast 7Sean Stevens 7   
   Edgar Hernandez 7   
   Sydney Smith 7   
   Jada Robinson 7   
   Jerome Spearman 7   
   Jacobie Moore 7   




Beginner Band





Intermediate Band


Advanced Band


The website/URL below is updated on a regular basis and has the upcoming dates and events for the high school and middle school.
Click here to go to the band home page

Practicing outside of class is required.   Students have to practice 5 or 6 days a week at home to experience success.  Many mornings I find instruments that are left overnight.  Three to five minutes of focused practice on a busy night is a lot better than no practice at all. 

Keep it fun!    Some helpful ideas…  Use “YouTube” to search tutorials on how to play easy fun songs.  Playing an instrument well (because of individual practice) is a lot more fun than wondering what is happening around you.  Parents may have to set expectations at home if your child is not practicing/studying 5 or 6 days a week.

Inspire your child!  Help them find videos of children playing the instrument they play.  There are quite a few on “YouTube” of young people playing their instruments extremely well.  This inspires students because they see what is really possible.  Also, helping them find videos of professionals playing their instrument is EXTREMELY important to their development.  Anybody that wants to be great at anything needs a model to emulate.  Finding the absolute best players for your child to listen to can be life changing:  if they listen on a regular basis.

Help with note name reading.  Flashcards are great for this.  Here are some links to print free ones:

Treble Clef…

Bass Clef…

Note name reading online for free! Check this link out at music for extra note reading help.

What's Going On with Beginner Band?
Treble Clef Note Name Flash Cards

Bass Clef Note Name Flashcards

The link below is a good resource for ALL Band Students.

Music Theory . Net
This has a TON of useful lessons and exercises.  To work on note name practice go to exercises and then note identification.


About the Teacher

Mr. Young received his Bachelors of Music Ed at Ole Miss.  He attended Itawamba Community College for two years majoring in music Ed.  He is also a graduate of Caldwell High School in Columbus, MS. 

Mr. Young is in his 25th year of teaching band.  He has the distiction of having superior rated bands 25 years in a row.  He has taught band at the beginner level, middle school, high school -marching, concert and Jazz Band.  He has taught at Calhoun City MS, Nettleton MS, Colonial Middle School for the Performing Arts in Memphis, TN, Overton High School for the Performing Arts in Memphis, TN, Lake Cormorant High School and Lake Cormorant Middle School.

Mr. Young taught grades 6-12 band in Calhoun City for 4 years.  The band went from 48 to over 100 in three years.  The band earned superior ratings in marching, sightreading and concert each of the 4 years.  The band earned numerous first in Class awards at local marching contests.  In year four the band was the grand champion at the Tombigbee Marching Classic in Aberdeen, MS and was the small division winner at the first ever Marching Band Championship held in Hattiesburg, MS.  He then taught at Nettleton Highschool again grades 6-12 with his wife Jamie.  For the first time in the school's 50 year history the band earned superior ratings in Marching, Concert and Sightreading.  Following that year he became the band director at Colonial Middle School for the Performing Arts, Willow Oaks Elementary and Sea Isle Elementary in Memphis, TN.   He served for 13 years there while assisting part time at Overton High School for the Performing Arts also in Memphis.  The beginner and advanced bands earned overall superior ratings every year and won many regional concert band contests.  Mr. Young started and taught the trombone player that now plays in the famous group Bruno Mars - his name is Kameron Whalum.  The band at Colonial auditioned in 2004 to be featured at the Tennessee Music Educators Convention in Nashville.  They were the only middle school band selected to play that year.  The band performed a very challenging program for the convention on April 15, 2005.  After his tenure in Memphis, Mr. Young became the band director at Lake Cormorant High School teaching grades 6-12.  Under his direction the band earned all superior ratings including the first time for the band to participate in the marching portion of state evaluation. During year 2 the band became the Grand Champions at Music in Parks in St Louis.  After a 2 year tour in the real estate world and a semester filling as Jazz Band Director at Overton High School where the band was a top ten finalist at Jazz Central in Savannah, GA he returned to Lake Cormorant where he serves as the Beginning Band Director, Brass Teacher and Assistant for the intermediate and advanced bands.  He also serves as the Music Director for the Marching Band at the High School, conducts the Symphonic Band ( who recently won Music in the Parks in St Louis) and co conducts the Jazz Band with his wife Jamie.

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