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8th Grade MS Studies & Intro to World Geography



Welcome to Coach Holder's class.  Due to extreme circumstances regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 we will be making a few changes to this semesters World Geography course.  I will be posting assignments to my new website weekly.  These are assignments that you can complete with your school issued text book, however you will also have access to the online text.  By accessing the online textbook, you will be able to complete your remaining World Geography assignments.  For instructions on how to access the textbook, click HERE

Weekly Assignment: May 4th-8th


1.  Read pages 710-716 of your textbook and then answer the following questions regarding life and Japanese Culture.

-What was the importance of clans and the samurai in Japan's early History?

-How do ancient political traditions still impact Japan today?

-How do traditions influence family life and art?

-How does population density influence life in parts of Japan?

-How have industry and trade transformed the country?


2.  The second part of this weeks work will require you to watch the following video on modern Japanese culture.  Link to the video can be found HERE.


If you have any questions please email or message me through School Status. 


Weekly Assignment: May 11th-May


1.  Students will need to read the sections on pages 731 and 732 of your textbook titled "Korea Divided" and "Korean Governments Today"

Then read pages 724 and 725 about North and South Korea and answer questions 1-3 on page 725.


2.  Students will watch the video about visiting North Korea and answer the following questions:

-How is the version of North Korea that journalists and tourists get to see different than the real North Korea? How does Korea make sure this is the only version of the country that visitors see? Give examples from the video.

-How does North Korea keep control of its citizens?

Link to the video can be found HERE.

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