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Classroom Supplies, Rules and Procedures

Mrs. Misty Sartain

Email: misty.sartain@dcsms.org

Website: http://lcm.desotocountyschools.org


Please sign up for POWERSCHOOL through the front office. You and your student will be able to view grades and progress.

8th Grade Math is included on the student’s high school transcript and is also considered in the student’s GPA.


Supply List

I will provide your notebook, folders and graph paper for this class.


*******You will need to bring*********

Pencils and Cap Erasers (You will keep up with these) You must have a pencil EVERYDAY!!

If your last name is:                        A-L        `                                               M-P                                                       Q-Z

Please Bring:                                      Kleenex                                               Antibacterial Wipes                         1 package of Pink Erasers


**I will store these items in my classroom so that we can use them as needed.**

Classroom Procedures


1.        Be in your seat with all materials ready when the tardy bell rings. Failure to do so will result in receiving a tardy from the office.


2.        Unless it is a dire emergency, you will not be excused from class for any reason. Notify me of special circumstances.


3.        All work will be done in quad ruled comp book provided with a pencil. No exceptions. If you lose it, you must replace it.


4.        “Do Now” work will be completed in the first 10 minutes of class. During this time we will have 10 minutes of silence. If you choose to talk during our 10 minutes of silence, you choose to see me in detention. “Do Now” work will be completed every day and kept in the classroom in the folder provided. This is not time to complete homework.


5.        We sit in teams, but this does not mean we chat freely. You are only to speak to one another when instructed by me and should only be within your team in quiet voices.


6.        Homework is due the next day at the beginning of the class period. Homework will be checked during “Do Now” time. I am looking for evidence of effort and completion. If you do not have your homework, you will come to my room during break to complete it. Homework is very important because it will review your skills. I will grade homework every day!


7.        Make-up work.  It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work from my classroom and to turn the work back in to me. I must receive the assignment before the chapter test is given. If I do not receive it in the allotted time, a zero will be given for the work.


8.        Honor Code. It is expected that the students in my classroom will not cheat. Anyone caught cheating will be given a zero for the assignment and may face other consequences set forth by the school. This includes any assignment or test.


9.        Cell phones/Electronic devices can on. Do not have visible in my class. This means earphones too. I will take them if I see them. Any device should be kept in your backpack or purse, not your pockets. If someone needs to get in touch with you while you are at school, they should contact the front office.


10.     Calculators ( and other classroom supplies). You will have a supply bucket on your table with calculators, rulers, scissors, glue and extra pencils. They are to be properly used during class, properly taken care of and returned in an orderly manner before you leave the classroom.


11.     Test and Quizzes. You will file your graded tests and quizzes in my classroom in your own personal file folder. If at any time you need to take these home (for tutors or for parents to see your work), you are more than welcome.  I plan to send these home each nine weeks.


12.     Dismissal. The bell does not dismiss you from class. I will dismiss the class once all materials are properly put away and the class is calm.


Grading Scale: Homework 15%; Classwork/Quizzes 35%;  Tests/Projects 40%;  Nine Weeks/Semester Exam 10%





My Website: Go to http://lcm.desotocountyschools.org and click on faculty webpages and click on my name.

You will find Supply Lists, Policies, Rules and Procedures, Parent Letters for each chapter and Study Guides for each chapter.


You will also find a link to “Math Corner”. This is a great resource for Chapter Overview, Parent Letters and Study guides.


CPM.ORG this is the web address for our textbook. There is homework help for each homework problem assigned as well as other great resources.




Classroom Rules


Keep all hands, feet and objects to yourself

Do not talk and be still while I am talking

Raise your hand to get permission to speak or get out of your seat

Do not eat or drink in my classroom

Always do your best





Infraction Notice

Reflection Sheet/Parent Contact

Writing Assignment/Parent Contact

Office Referral


Black Button Clause: Certain behaviors such as profane language, fighting or other occurrences decided upon by me, the above may be overlooked and the student may be sent directly to the office.