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Due Date: 8/2/2017
Subject: 8th Grade U.S. History

8th Grade US History is designed as a survey course through American History. This course will focus on the period of American History from the discovery of North America through Reconstruction (after the Civil War). Students taking this course will attain a mastery of US History from the 1490s through the 1870s with special focus critical thinking, chronology, and geography.

How to succeed in this class:

1. Bring a positive attitude to class

2. Maintain good attendance

3. Take good notes

4. Ask questions – this promotes discussion

5. Study for quizzes and tests

Classroom Rules:

We will follow all school rules but common sense is the main guideline in the class. I will not tolerate disrespect of any kind. I am an under- standing teacher. If you are having a problem, please talk with me at an appropriate time during the class period.

The most important rule is: RESPECT

1.   Respect yourself!

2.   Respect your peers!

3.   Respect all adults present!

We cannot always control what goes on outside of this classroom. We can however control our attitudes and behavior within this classroom. Foul language, put downs, and disrespect towards the teacher or others will not be accepted.


Every day that an assignment is late it will result in a loss of 15 points. Use Quizzlet to study all test and Quizzes.

Finding assignments when absent:

All make up work will either already be in your INB (see group members for specific pages) or you can find packets in the front of the class.

Classroom Discussion:

I will initiate many classroom discussions in which I encourage you to take part. Participation in these discussions will not only increase your involvement in class but also will help in your final grade. Creativity is encouraged. Plus, it’s more fun when I don’t talk the whole period!

1.       Interactive Notebooks: Checked randomly (INB stay in my room unless checked out)

•     INB are due that day and each day turned in late first semester it is -15 points and -30 points second semester.

•     You are responsible for keeping your INB organized and orderly in the manner that I will model for you.

2.       Notes & Handouts (including any bell-work or reflections)

•         Everything we do will be stored in INB and graded bi-weekly

•         Bellwork will go in the back on the INB

3.       Homework & Study Guides

•         Will be stored in INB as well and can be checked out if needed

4.       Test & Quizzes

•         Will be stored in pockets of INB


Electronic equipment must remain in the off position and put up. This includes but is not limited to cell-phones, I-Pods, headphones, electronic games, etc. I will take it up. Studies have shown that smart phones interfere with a student’s education and I will not allow this to happen in my class.

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Due Date: 8/28/2015
Subject: 8th Grade U.S. History

Mrs. Willis LCMS

Lake Cormorant Middle

Listed are the terms and main ideas for most of the test and quizzes that are coming up. Use the flashcards and testing settings to help you study.

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