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Below is a letter sent home attached to a take home test on November 6.

Beginner Band-2nd Nine Weeks                                                       November 6, 2017


   Dear Band Parent,


    Hello!  Beginner band is off to a great start and many, many students are progressing well on their instruments, which is very exciting to see!  I talk to them almost every day about practicing at home because that’s where the real learning takes place.  We show them and guide them on what to do in class so that when they get home they can practice and review what they learned in class.  Practicing is the key to success! 

          When the 2nd nine weeks began I assigned lines to the students that have to be “passed off” (played correctly for a director) by the end of the nine weeks.  When progress reports go out this Thursday grades will reflect whether students that have passed off three of the seven required objectives by the end of class on Wednesday.

The required objectives to be passed off for this nine-weeks are lines #10, 14, 16, 21, 26, 27 and the Concert Bb Scale on Page 38.

    Practicing outside of class is required.   Students have to practice 5 or 6 days a week at home to experience success.  Many mornings I find instruments that are left overnight.  Three to five minutes of focused practice on a busy night is a lot better than no practice at all.  Students that do well on playing tests and practice on a regular basis will be part of a VIP lunch at the end of the semester.  I am hoping to provide a bigger incentive later in the year for this group of students.

     Keep it fun!    Some helpful ideas…  Use “YouTube” to search tutorials on how to play easy fun songs.  Playing an instrument well (because of individual practice) is a lot more fun than wondering what is happening around you.  You may have to set expectations at home if your child is not practicing/studying 5 or 6 days a week.

     Inspire your child!  Help them find videos of children playing the instrument they play.  There are quite a few on “YouTube” of young people playing their instruments extremely well.  This inspires students because they see what is really possible.  Also, helping them find videos of professionals playing their instrument is EXTREMELY important to their development.  Anybody that wants to be great at anything needs a model to emulate.  Finding the absolute best players for your child to listen to can be life changing:  if they listen on a regular basis.

Help with note name reading.  Flash cards are great for this.  Here are some links to print free ones:


Treble Clef…


Bass Clef…


Note name reading online for free! Check this link out at music for extra note reading help.


Treble and Bass Clef…


Reminder: The holiday concert is on December 5th.   


Participation for this performance is required and graded.

Who’s Got the Best Band?   WE DO!



Mr. Young