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 This week we are continuing with the same overall objective. (P.7.5E- Students will demonstrate an understanding of the law of conservation of mass). Monday and Tuesday we will do some practice problems for balancing chemical equations. These can be found in the Presentations tab. Tuesday and Wednesday we will get "linked in" with literacy with an article concerning the law of conservation of mass, as well as some pre and post reading activities. These are found in the Forms section. Thursday we will do an activity and review for the test. There will be a test Friday over the notes and balancing equations. Make sure to study and do well on the first test of the nine weeks! Remember, if you get a 95+, your name goes on the "A- List" wall AND you get to pick something from the treasure box!







Monday: none



Thursday: study for test

Friday: none





I am always accepting donations of Kleenex, hand sanatizer, paper, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, construction paper, Lysol, etc.

Students will receive bonus points for their donations.

Text @wildmonsci to the number 81010 to receive text messages from me about upcoming events and classwork.