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Welcome to Lake Cormorant Middle School and Mrs. Barham's Math class!!!!  We have had a wonderful start to a new year!  Sweet sweet kids!  Thank you for allowing me to teach your child!!!!!


 How to stay in touch:

Twitter:  dcs_lcms  (This is the school twitter account)

Facebook:  Lake Cormorant Middle School

Remind 101 Barham's Math Class:   81010 text @4b4f2c



Remind 101 DCS 6th grade Math Dept:  81010 text @dcsmath6


 Homework:  None has been assigned at this point. (Aug. 8)

****Every Friday we will have a short review quiz from the review problems we've worked on M-Th. 

****Have your student study their multiplication facts using flashcards or an app.  It's been a while since they've multiplied.  This is great to do nightly the first few weeks of school.  It will make 6th grade SO much easier!!



Online Textbook:  this book gives helpful hints on homework!

MATH:  To get this textbook to work properly, it helps to use FIREFOX!!!  If this doesn't work, try, then student on the left, hw help, our book and the chapter number.

We follow this text book in the order it is written. 

Science:  you can click on my links and click on science book.  The chapters are not numbered the same, however, the information contained is the same as the book in our classroom.  Students may use this book for my science class!






 ***Homework MAY change due to the needs of the students!!!! Students must always update in class!!!



For help on homework, you can go to 

Click on student (on left)

Homework help

Our book, 6th grade course 1

Problem number

You can get hints and help if you have difficulty with many homework problems!




Helpful websites:;; You can click on any area that you need extra help with!!!!



Some students are struggling with multiplication facts.  Please make sure your student practices his/her facts.  They can fill in a multiplication chart on their own, flashcards, use an app or an internet site.  Knowing these facts fluently will help your child be successful this year!!!!

I will give them a multiplication chart they can put in a page protector and use an expo marker to practice!!