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   Eastern Hemisphere is a seventh grade history.  We will study early man, early civilizations of Africa and Asia, major religions of the world and European history until the Age of Exploration. 




I will be following the state social studies framework for Seventh grade.    If you have any questions or concerns, please visit web site, Mississippi State Department of Education. 

 Use the "calendar" to quickly find out what we are doing this week, assignments and important school dates.  I will be adjusting dates and assignments according to the needs of the students so check frequently.

For a quick homework assignment check, use "assignments"   . 

Also check out  "classroom links" for classroom lessons, and power points.

Additional related information can be found in "classroom documents". 

Please make sure that you have your supplies each day-

  •    bring you textbook each day
  •    paper and pencil
  •    a place in a folder or binder for teacher assigned lessons 
  •    colored pencils at home 

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