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Interactive Notebooks 




Interactive Notebooks

Through out the semester, we will be creating an interactive notebook using a standard composition notebook.  This will be a fun way to learn major concepts with a "hands on" technique.

I will be grading the notebook periodically throughout the semester, and it will be important for students to keep their entry assignments up to date.  Entries may require labeling a diagram, cutting a pasting diagrams, filling in missing terms, as well summarizing the overall concept of each entry.

This notebook will be great tool for students to refer back to for tests.  It will also be great to have something tangible showing all their hard work during the semester.

Students will be given a "Notebook Quiz" approximately 3 times per 9 weeks but may also spot check periodically for a daily grade just to ensure students are staying on track.  Please make sure to stay ahead of notebook entries.  These turn out to be wonderful study tools for tests and exams.  At the end of the semester, students will be able to look back and see all their hard work and all that they've learned AND its all in ONE SINGLE LOCATION!!! No having to dig back through a big bulky binder to find notes and old handouts! 

Below you will find the titles of the entries for each day and you will also notice they are color coded.  They are grouped by the unit of study.  This gives you an idea of which areas may have a stronger focus and students will need to spend more time in preparation for tests.



We have allowed five pages for the Table of Contents since we will be using these notebooks all year.


*1st 9 Weeks Entries*

1. What is Science?

2. Cycle Vocabulary

3. Water Cycle Notes

4. Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Notes

5. Nitrogen Cycle Notes

6. Solar Eclipse Video Notes

7. Total Solar Eclipse

8. Cycle Review

9. Photosynthesis Notes

10. Respiration Notes

11. Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

12. "Why Humans Cant Live Off Sunlight"

13. "How Water Loss Affects Biodiversity"

14. Food Molecule Vocabulary

15. Carbohydrate Notes

16. Lipid Notes

17. Protein Notes

18. Reasons Ecosystems Decline

19. "Wetlands and Habitat Loss"

20. Soil Erosion Notes

21. "Pythons in the Florida Everglades"

22. 9 Weeks Research Day 2



*2nd 9 Weeks Entries*

23. 1st 9 Weeks Notebook Rubric

24. Matter Vocabulary

25. Physical Changes

26. Physical Property Stations

27. Matter Voc. Part 2

28. Chemical Changes Video

29. Chemical Changes

30. Mystery Chemical Property Story

31. "The Penny Experiment"

32. Motion of Matter

33. Motion of Matter Part 2

34. Moelcules Matter Lab

35. Chemistry Voc. Part 1

36. The Periodic Table of Elements

37. Atom Notes

38. Chem. Voc. Part 2/Bohr Model Notes

39. Bohr Model Practice

40. Bonds: Covalent vs Ionic

41. Ionic Bonds

42. Table Salt: NaCl43. Water: H2O

44. Covalent Bonds

45. Chemical Bond Examples

46. Chemical Formulas

47. Chemistry Video


*3rd 9 Weeks Entries*

48. Chemical Equations