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Mrs. Wildmons syllabus



Procedures & Expectations


·         Arrive to class and be seated working on bellwork before the bell rings.


o    Bellwork will be turned in every Friday for an (easy)     classwork grade.


·         You are responsible for your interactive notebook. There will be random notebook checks and pop quizzes for a grade.


o   If you do not bring it to class, it is up to you to get the notes. If you lose it, it is up to you to get a new one. You will lose points on your grade if you do not keep up with your notebook.


·         Keep your area neat.


o   This includes throwing paper and other trash on the floor, putting gum under the desks, and writing on or destroying ANY of my things.


·         You are responsible for make- up work.


o   If you are absent, check your class’s folder in the make- up crate. If nothing is in the folder, check with a classmate for the notes. You have the same amount of days as you were absent to turn in work before it is a zero. I am NOT responsible for getting it to you. Use study skills if need be.


·         Turn in all work on time.


o   If work is not turned in on time, it will be a zero in the gradebook until the work is turned in. If work is turned in late, I will accept it for half credit, unless you were absent.