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Informational Text  

How does one form and maintain his or her own identity? 

This 9 weeks we have worked on Informational text and writing techniques.

The end of the unit assessment:

Students will research a person, write an informative piece, and create a project to present to show their knowledge of informational text features.

Literature Circle reading will be used to help reinforce weekly lessons on grammar, writing, and reading standards. The text selections for the literature circles have been choose to help students understand the unit's big question of identity.


Survival Facts  

Rainforest Facts



Now you are going to have a try. You are going to do some research of your own to build background knowledge about your survival situations.  Author's often spend a lot of time researching background information before writing about a particular topic.


Students can brainstorm 3 survival situations he could face in the new setting.  Have students annotate the article for inspiration or have them track their inspiration in a graphic organizer.


Desert video: 


Tundra Video: 


Amazon Video: 







Weekly updates  



Happy New Year!

The 3rd 9 weeks unit:

Should we be held responsible for our own actions?

Argumentative Writing

Historical Fiction: Revolutionary War




Our 2nd 9 weeks unit: Identity

The students will begin Literature Circles. This is a great way for them to work together and discuss their reading assignments. More information will come home this week.




Figurative Language



Text Structure




Wish list items for our classroom

* Clorox wipes

* Kleenex

* paper towels

 Please understand these items are optional!






Students will receive a new article each week for bellwork.

Mon-Read the Article


Tues- Annotate Article


Wed - Discuss with Partner


Thurs- Questions


Fri- Writing