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I hope everyone had an amazing break! We have had a great first few days back, I have truly missed every single one of these awesome kids! I can't believe we are already in our second semester, this year is flying by! We are hitting the ground running with argumentive writing and throwing some pop up debates in the mix, which they seem really excited about! We are going to be trying a few different things this semester with the way teaching goes, some of our teachers got to go to New York for a conference and came back with some AMAZING ideas that we are eager to implement into our day to day learning. I hope the kids are excited as I am to finish this year as strong as we started! As always, feel free to reach out to me whenever if you have questions, concerns, or just want to touch base!


-Miss Ready


Information Writing Project  

 The students were given their Informational Writing Project today, this is 2 major test grades! Please review the handout with your child, select a person to research and then sign the paper together and return tomorrow. This report/project is due December 8th, NO exceptions!

11/15 Update!  

CASE 21 is OVER! The kids worked so hard this week during testing and I could not be more proud of them! Tomorrow (Thursday 11/16) we will be having a normal class day were we are discussing textual structures and how they can impact the meaning of the text. But on Friday, we are going to have a fun day as a reward for their hard work this week and pushing through to the holidays! I just wanted to send a update to also say at our first major holiday mark, how thankful I am for all of my wonderful students and parents. It has been an adjustment for me as a first year teacher, and I could not have asked for a better group of students to learn from. We've had a couple new friends join our classes the past few weeks, and we are so lucky to be able to make them feel welcomed. I know this year is only going to get better and better, and just wanted to thank you all again.

11/9 Update!  

Hey parents! Just sending out an update to remind everyone that progress reports did go out today! There was some good ones and some not so great, but thats okay! We have a our vocabulary test and comprehension test on Zlata's Diary tomorrow that will help level the averages a lot. Next week they will also be getting their 9weeks information writing projects to start working on that will be due in December! They will have sometime to work on these in class but will also have to be worked on at home. 

Case 21 testing also starts next week, Monday will be math testing, and then Tuesday will be ELA multiple choice and Wednesday will be ELA writing. After testing we will be doing lessons that has the kids up and moving around to give them a break from conentrating and working so hard on those test.

Lets push hard to Thanksgiving break! I know the kids are ready for the holiday but we've got to try our best on these Case 21 test!

Have a great weekend!

11.6 Lesson Plan  






Focus Standards:

RI 6.4, 6.6, 4.d



Focus text:

“Zlata’s Diary” – articles on   background information (Reading Warm Up in text)


Monday Assessment: Exit ticket-“what   is one thing that stuck with you today?”

















A.   Class   Schedule

1.        The students   will come in and start on bellwork

2.        The students   will do their first read through and try and determine the cental idea of the   text

·           Bellwork “Joan   Benoit: U.S. Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist”

3.        Pull small   groups with the students who are still struggling on Figurative Language   after assessing last week’s test.

4.        Discuss as a   group and then as a whole class, what we think the central idea of the   passage could be.

5.        Allow the   students to have 20mins of Independent Reading

·           Pull one at the   time to discuss how far they’ve read/comprehension questions and questions   geared toward where the students still struggle.

6.        Move on to the   lessons for today dealing with informational text

B.    Study   Learning

1.        TTW pass out   the “Vocabulary Warm Up Word Lists” and “Vocabulary Warm-Up Exercises”

2.        Inform the   students that for the next few days we ae going to be working with “Zlata’s   Diary” but before we can do that we need to make sure we know some of the   vocabulary in the text so when can comprehend the text better.




Bellwork Article



















Zlata’s Diary

PearsonSucess video

Unit 3 Resources – Vocabulary   Warmup and Reading Warm Up









I.                    Main Ideas/Conceptual Understandings/Goals:

Teacher        Keelan Ready                                                                                                                                                                            Page   2


Subject/Topic/Unit   ELA                                                                                                                          Date   11/6/17     Grade   6th Grade



II.   Specific Objectives

*     Enrichment Objectives

** Remedial Objectives

Ind.   #

III. Procedure A. Introduction/Motivation B. Study/Learning Activities C.   Culmination D. Follow-up (Include directional statements   for evaluation and any enrichment or individual activities)

IV. Materials/Resources

V.   Evaluation related to objectives


































3.        As a class go   over the first couple of words and discuss their meanings and how to put the   definitions into our own words

4.        After modeling   how to do this a few times allow the students to work in their groups to   discuss the meanings of the words

5.        Allow the   discussion to last about 6 minutes and then turn their attention to the   “Vocabulary Warm-Up Exercise”

6.        In pairs allow   the students to work on the correct answers on this worksheet

7.        Remind the students   they can refer back to their Vocabulary Lists as a last resort.

8.        Allow the   students about 10 minutes to finish this work

9.        Make sure to go   over the correct definitions and answers and clear up any mix ups.

10.  Next, pass out the “Reading Warm Up B”

11.  Inform the students that we are going to read this   text together

·           Teacher read   the first paragraph aloud and then tell the students to read the second and   third paragraph aloud with you to work on their prosody.

12.  After finish reading the text have the students to   re-read it to themselves and then go back an annotate to pull out key   information we want to know. (take the time to model this task)




















“Reading Warm Up B”



Teacher        Keelan Ready                                                                                                                                                                            Page   3


Subject/Topic/Unit   ELA                                                                                                                          Date   11/6/17     Grade   6th Grade



II.   Specific Objectives

*     Enrichment Objectives

** Remedial Objectives

Ind.   #

III. Procedure A. Introduction/Motivation B. Study/Learning Activities C.   Culmination D. Follow-up (Include directional statements   for evaluation and any enrichment or individual activities)

IV. Materials/Resources

V.   Evaluation related to objectives



































13.  Remind the students we want to look for key   information and decide if its introduced, elaborated or illustrated.

·           Put the reading   on the board to demonstrate how to determine if the information is   introduced, elaborated or illustrated. Pull out that information by circling,   underlining, or starring and then off to the side explain which you think it   is.

14.  Allow students time to complete this task, letting   them know they can work with a partner on this task.

15.  After its completion, tell the students we are going   to watch a video of the author of the text explaining why she wrote and how   life was to clear up any possible questions the students may have.

16.  Watch video

17.  After it is over discuss as a class what they think   of the video and the information so far

18.  Pass out exit tickets for the students to answer   “what is one thing that stuck with me today”



Weekly Update! 10/16  

Brand new week! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with this gorgeous weather we are having! I just wanted to send a shout out to let the parents know what all is going on. This week we are continuing our lessons with poetry, the kids seem like they are really enjoying it. (Or faking it enough to fool me lol) We are also going to have our very first Book Tasting on Wednesday! This will give the students to get a small taste of what the books are like that they get to choose from this 9 weeks with Literature Circles. We have a Pep Rally on Tuesday, so get pumped Gators!

I am also in the process of building our SeeSaw app, which is a interactive classroom portfolio that we will begin to work with. This is a great new app that allows me to monitor how the students are learning and it is a fun interactive way to do so! They can leave me videos, voice recordings or drawings to "Show what they know." It will also allow parents (or grandparents if you want) to log in and view what the students are doing. You will also be able to comment on your students work if you want to give them a shout out or to ask an insightful questions. More information will be posted about this as I get it set up further.

Weekly Update! 10/9  

Hey Gator Family!

Its officially the start of the 2nd 9 weeks! I can't believe we have already been in school this long, I have loved every minute of getting to know your students! I hope they are enjoying being in my class as much as I enjoy having them here! After reviewing 9weeks test grades, I have decided I will begin to pull students during independent reading time to help them in the areas they are struggling in to give them a little extra help. We are also beginning the second 9weeks with poetry! (I can hear the kids sighing already lol) but I promise it will be fun and hopefully they will fall in love with poetry. We also are officially finished with Hatchet! This 9 weeks we are going to do things a bit differently and offer the students a choice of a handful of books instead of the one book for everyone approach. In doing this we hope to find a book the students will fall in love with and increase their joy of reading. Its a short week, but lets make it a great week!

-Miss Ready

Family Night in the Swamp!

Follow the link to read more about Family Night in the Swamp! The classes have worked really hard on creating these silent auction baskets, trust me they look AMAZING!

Weekly Update 9/25-9/29  

We have a busy week of writing coming up! It is important that students come into class on Monday with their rough drafts! This week we will be hitting every part of the rubric individually so the students can master each portion in preparation for what they will be asked to do at the end of the year test.

Monday 9/25 is Family Night in the Swamp! Please come out and support LCMS, there will be a BBQ dinner (you can still purchase tickets at the door), a Volleyball game, Silent Auction, and the Book Fair! This is a great way to help support the school so we can get things for the students that they will enjoy!

Cold Read test grades as well as some classwork grades will be put in the gradebook this week! I apologize for the delay but I had to wait until all students had finished their test. Lets encourage the students to push through these last two weeks before report cards go home!

The other 6th grade ELA teachers and I are working on our fun Hatchet day to celebrate finishing the book, I know the kids are excited to finish the movie, so that will be on the agenda soon! 

As always, if you need anything please feel free to always reach out to me!

Focused Standards:

1.Citing Textual Evidence

2.Determining Theme and Central Idea

3.How the plot unfolds in a story

4.Character Analysis


6.Point of View

7.Narrative Writing 

8.Figurative Language


Weekly Update! 9/5  

Sept 5th- 8th: Students will receive a new article each week for bellwork.

Focus- How the author develops the theme

Tues- Inferences in Hatchet

Wed - Inferences in Informational text

Thurs- Central Idea/Theme

 Fri-  Narrative Writing

*Remember progress reports went out today, they need to be signed and returned!

*Also, some of you may notice your students grades have drastically changed. That is because we as a grade decided that if your child did not turn in the Fish In A Tree summer project, then they would receive an exempt instead of a zero for that grade. If your child did complete the project than that grade still counts for them, but its an extra credit grade. This helped the overall grade of a lot of students!

Homeroom Announcement!   

Homeroom Parents,

Please don't forget that we are creating a Halloween theme basket to auction off! If you all are able please donate any items that are Halloween related or bags of candy to put into the basket!

Weekly Update! 8/31  

Open House was AMAZING! Thank you to all my wonderful parents/guardians that picked an apple from our "Giving Tree" to donate to the classroom! As a first year teacher, I don't always have enough supplies for the students so it really means a lot that you all are willing to help us out!

This week we are taking our midpoint assessment to see how the students are moving along with what we are learning in the classroom!

Progress Reports will be going out September 5th - This is also Picture Day!

Remember we will be out of school on Monday-Labor Day

Remind the students they need to be working hard each week on their weekly BellWork articles/questions, this is an easy weekly 100 to boost their overall averages. Some students really need to focus on this because some are sitting on some lower averages right now

We have been talking about Theme a lot this week and I'm excited to say that the kids are really starting to catch on! I've seen some huge improvements in classroom behavior with everyone, and they are really working hard!

If your student hasn't told you I have given them an opportunity for extra credit, the Reading Log...if they read 10 books by Christmas then they will receive a 100 classwork grade!

Next week we will begin taking a look at Plot and the elements that are entwined with that. We will also be starting a weekly station day, on Wednesdays we will start doing small group work once a week so I can have more one on one time with each student to help them in the areas they are struggling with. We also will hopefully have writing stations on Fridays to improve each students writing!

Looking forward to a great week with my favorite 6th grade Gators!!

Weekly Update! 8/21  


-We had a fantastic day of learning about the Solar Eclipse, check the school's social media for pictures from today

-First set of grades were posted on Thursay, if you have a "missing" tab, it is up to you to come see me

-Fish in a Tree summer project, and our first quiz on Hatchet grades will be posted by Wednesday, again if you have a "missing" come see me

-This week we will be continuing our study of Hatchet and working with our essentail question, "What outside inluences have a part in decision making?"

-We will also be hitting our writing harder this week, as we get used to the writing stations system! This way your student can make sure they are hitting every spot on a writing rubric to be successful, as well as being able to recieve some one on one time with me!


Schedule for the Week !

August 21-25: Students will receive a new article each week for bellwork.

Mon-Read the Article

Tues- Annotate Article

Wed - Discuss with Partner

Thurs- Questions

Fri- Writing

* We started reading the book Hatchet last week. We will cover chapters 5-10 this week. The focus standards are Citing Textual Evidence, Determining Theme and Central Idea, and How the plot unfolds in a story.


-It is up to YOU determine what kind of week WE have, so lets make it a great one!