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8.2 Exponent Quiz  

We will take a quiz over simplifying exponential expressions tomorrow (2.14.2018). A review sheet worksheet was sent home and is due tomorrow before the quiz.

Progress Reports  

Progress reports went home yesterday (2/8/18). If you did not get it signed and returned on Friday (2/9) please be sure to bring it in signed on Monday (2/12).

3rd 9 Weeks Midpoint Test  

We will be taking the 3rd 9 weeks midpoint test next Tuesday & Wednesday (2/6 & 2/7). Students will receive a study guide on Monday, but should begin looking over sections 1.1 - 5.2 over the weekend to help prepare.

Grade Reports  

Grade reports were sent home today (1/23/2018). Students can receive bonus points on their chapter 7 test tomorrow if they return their grade report signed by a parent/guardian.


Don't forget permission forms are due tomorrow (1/23/2018)!! If you would like to attend the hustle game in Memphis on the 29th, I must have your permission slip tomorrow!!

7.1 Quiz  

We will take the 7.1 quiz during the second period of block on Monday, the 8th. Look over sections 7.1.2 & 7.1.3 and come with questions on Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Growth Sheets  

Fall case 21 growth sheets were sent home this week. Please be sure to have an adult sign it and return it to me!


If you were absent on Friday (11/17), your turkey graphing papers are due tomorrow (11/28). This was a class work grade and a great opportunity to improve your overall grade. Also, don't forget to have your progress report signed if you still have not returned yours.

Progress Reports  

Several students forgot to get their progress reports signed and returned on Friday. Please bring those in on Monday if you forgot to do so last week. Study those old case 21 questions and get a good night sleep on Sunday!!

Progress Reports  

Progress reports go home today. Please have them signed and returned tomorrow (11/10/2017).

2nd 9 weeks Midpoint Test  

We are taking the midpoint test this Tuesday & Wednesday (11/7 - 11/8). Students also received a grade report today showing them where they stand going into the midpoint test. This grade report should be signed by a parent/guardian and returned tomorrow.  The midpoint test is a great opportunity for students to improve their overall grade for this 9 weeks. Tonight, students should be completing any of the study guide that they did not complete during class and come to class with questions about it on Tuesday.

6.1 Quiz  

We will be taking the 6.1 Quiz over transformations tomorrow (11/3). Be sure to complete tonight's homework as it is a great way to review for the quiz!

Grade Reports  

Again, each student received a detailed grade report with a note about their progress written at the bottom. Each student must have this signed by a parent or guardian and returned tomorrow (10/24) or they will serve a lunch detention. Parents, please email me if you have any questions.

Grade Reports  

Each student received a detailed grade report today. If there was a parent signature line on your report it must be signed and returned tomorrow (10.20) or you will have a lunch detention. Parents, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Chapter 4 Test  

We will take the chapter 4 test tomorrow (10/20). You CAN study for math. Look back through old notes and homework assignments and rework some of the problems. Come to class tomorrow with questions, we will have a little time to review before we take the test. This is a great opportunity to improve your grade!

4.1 Quiz  

We will have our 4.1 quiz tomorrow. Look through notes and homework assignments from sections 4.1.1 through 4.1.7 to help you prepare. You study math by working through problems so go back and rework some of the homework problems from those sections.

Growth Sheets  

All growth sheets need to be signed by the student and a parent/guardian and returned by Friday (10/13).

Test Scores  

2017 state test scores were sent home today (10/6/2017). Please be sure that you and your student sign the growth sheet and return on Tuesday. Have a great 3 day weekend!!


We will take the 9 weeks test this Tuesday & Wednesday. You will receive a study guide on Monday, but it would be a good idea to start looking over notes and homework assignments from the 1st 9 weeks. This test will cover sections 1.1 through 3.3.

3.3 Quiz   

Study your inequalities!!! This will be our last quiz grade for the first 9 weeks.

Family Night in the Swamp!!  

Come out and join us tonight for Family Night in the Swamp. The book fair is going on, we will have a silent auction, and you can still buy BBQ plates at the door! Our volleyball team will also be playing tonight. Bring the family out and enjoy a fun night in the swamp!


Homeroom students,

PLEASE bring in a regular sized candy bar for our snack basket for the silent auction. These need to be brought to school by September 22nd. Remember all of the proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to our school. This benefits YOU! :)

Midpoint Test  

We will be taking the midpoint test over the next two days (Thursday & Friday). Keep working through your study guide and come to class with questions tomorrow.

3.1 Quiz  

Section 3.1 Quiz tomorrow!! Work on those graphs!!


Tuesday, September 5th is PICTURE DAY!!!

Be sure to look your best when we return from the holiday weekend!!

Chapter 2 Test  

The chapter 2 test is coming up! We will take it on Thursday (8/24/2017), so start preparing now!


Homeroom students don't forget to bring in your item for our candy/snack basket. We will have a silent auction, book fair, bbq dinner on Sept. 25th. This is also a volleyball game night. There will be more information to come soon!

PBA retake  

If you did poorly on your Proportional Relationships PBA pick up a retake tomorrow.

It must be completed and returned by this Friday (8/18/2017) for a chance to earn more points on that test grade!

Section 1.2 Quiz  

Don't forget we will have a 1.2 quiz tomorrow. The quiz will cover sections 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 which are over proportional relationships.