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There is no "plan B”!

Vision of Lake Cormorant Middle School:  Lake Cormorant Middle School promotes a safe, respectful, challenging, and supportive learning environment that acknowledges the success, achievement, and creativity of all students.



-Provide a positive and safe learning environment for all students 

-Inspire students to develop goals and provide them with the tools needed to be successful in reaching those goals

-Provide students a rigorous, relevant, and standards based curriculum 

-Model professionalism and provide opportunities for students to develop their talents and character 

-Prepare students for high school and college

Exam Schedule

December 13-15

Dec. 13   English/Social Studies
 Dec 14   Math/Science
 Dec 15    Make-Up Exams





Swamp Life Television


Doors Open for students at 7:40am

1st Period Begins at 8:00am


 LCMS PTO Information is available! Click on "Community Services" to find out dates for PTO meeting & other helpful information!


 School Events posted to School Calendar



NEW!  MDE Family Guides for
Middle School Grade Levels:
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NEW! Middle School Family Guides for ELA & MATH!
NEW!  MDE Family Guides for Middle School Grade Levels:6th Grade Family Guide7th Grade Family Guide8th Grade Family Guide...

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